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General Discussion / EASA Plans for Model Aircraft...
« on: 04/10/2016, 01:19:01 PM »

Obviously Greenacres MAC is not a political forum, however I believe that in this case, I am justified by making the GMAC Membership aware of possible changes to the European legislation regarding "traditional" model aircraft flying, as we all do.

Without going into the minute detail of the proposed regulations, there is a danger that if the wording or definitions of "unmanned aerial vehicles" is not changed or clarified, they could lump our models in with stricter regulations and / or registration of other types of aircraft, predominately "drones or quadcopters.

There is an online petition running to bring this to the attention of the UK Government.


The petition only requires your name, email address and postcode to register your concern...

General Discussion / Planes for sale...
« on: 22/09/2016, 10:26:06 AM »

We were visited by an ex-member of Greenacres, Henry Kendall, at the weekend.

Unfortunately Henry has had to give up flying models due to medical reasons, and is now parting with some of his beloved planes.

A family friend has forwarded me some photos of the planes, but no other details.

We have no prices suggested for these, but I will put them up here to see if there is any interest.

The planes for sale are Monocoupe 90A, Hanger 9 Toledo Special and a Super Cub. Sorry no details other than what I can see from the photos.

Monocoupe 90A

Super Cub

Hanger 9 Toledo Special

Unknown Monoplane? Also Toledo-like...

If anyone is interested in any of these models, please email Jim Mchugh at and I will give you details of the seller...

Aldridge Airport / Gypsies on the field...
« on: 06/06/2016, 09:07:34 AM »

As some of you may already know, we have unwanted visitors on Aldridge Airport again.

18 - 20 caravans and associated vehicles are parked up in the middle of the field just beyond our show strip.

So far, the field does not appear to be badly damaged, but that situation could change if the "kids" start rallying their cars around.

Walsall MBC has been notified this morning, and they will now take steps to obtain the Court Order needed to evict.

Fingers crossed that they will not be around for long...

Nice flying weather this week?!

2016 / Greenacres May Fly In 2016 - Photos
« on: 02/06/2016, 04:02:39 PM »

I've collected together as many photos as I could for the May Fly In, and put them all up on the GMAC Website, also my own Gallery server.

Photo Credits: Danny Fenton, Dylan Reynolds, Morgan Goule & Sam Bates (Aerial Shots).Enjoy!

2016 / May Fly In: Jims Photos
« on: 23/05/2016, 01:57:28 PM »

Just the first dozen or so showline photos from my camera phone...

More (better) ones to follow...

Club night chat / May Clubnight: Manny Williamson
« on: 23/05/2016, 11:49:09 AM »
 Just a quick post to remind you all that we have a talk by Manny Williamson, BMFA Development Officer, on the role of the BMFA in supporting model flying clubs.

Manny will be presenting at clubnight on Wednesday night, 25th May, from about 7:30 – 8:00 onwards for an hour or so.

By all accounts Mannys’ talks are very interesting and entertaining.

Hope you can attend…

2016 / May Fly In: THANK YOU ALL!
« on: 23/05/2016, 11:47:00 AM »
Just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to everyone that helped set up, break down and generally attended the May Fly In this past weekend.

Even with poor weather on the Saturday we had an excellent turn out, and many very happy visiting pilots by the close of play on Sunday.

There we quite a few pilots that were "discovering" Greenacres for the first time, and the repeated theme was:

"Why didn't I know about these shows before? They're ace!"

We also saw a good attendance from the public, with many Aldridge area families bring their kids along and having a look at the plane and trying their hands at flying models on the BMFA Simulator, which IMHO is exactly what these shows should be about.

I am very proud of our club and our members for staging such an excellent and positive event!

Thank you all...

Club night chat / Changes to Clubnight Calendar...
« on: 23/03/2016, 09:20:02 AM »

Just letting you know about a few changes to our Clubnight Calendar over the next few months...

Danny Fenton has kindly agreed to move his lithoplate or glassing demonstration from the May Clubnight to the June Cubnight.

This is to allow us to host Manny Williamson, the BMFA Development Officer, to give a talk on the BMFA role in supporting model flying clubs. Some of you may have already seen Mannys talks at other Midlands flying clubs, and by all accounts this should be an interesting and amusing night!

To summarise:
  • May Clubnight - Wednesday May 25th at 19:30 - Manny Williamson
  • June Clubnight - Wednesday June 19th at 19:30 - Danny Fenton
See the full Clubnight Calendar here:

Flying chat / Greenacres MAC in Phoenix RC Simulator
« on: 18/03/2016, 09:58:27 AM »

Great joy! You can now fly at the Greenacres Practice Strip any time you want, in any weather, simply by downloading and installing the "GMAC Sunny Sunday Afternoon" flying site for the Phoenix RC Simulator...

Download here:


General Discussion / Electric Indoor Masters 2016
« on: 15/02/2016, 12:12:22 PM »

Myself and Morgan (and Becky) went up to Barnsley at the weekend to the Electric Indoor Masters competition. This is run by the Great Britain R/C Aerobatic Association (GBRCAA) in association with the BMFA.

We were there to a) see what the event is like and b) support Greenacres member, Alex Ames, who was flying in his first major indoor competition. Chris Moseley was of course also in attendance providing pit support.

Alex was competing in multiple disciplines: F3P-C (C Schedule Precision Aerobatics), Solo Freestyle Aerobatics, Solo & Team Aeromusical and the Indoor Pylon.

The equipment used were:

  • Twisted Hobbys Edge V3 Super Light for Aeromusical
  • Elanor Feather 2014 for F3P (C Schedule)
  • MT Foamies EIM Racer for Pylon racing
Here's a few photos:

Alex about to go for his Solo Aeromusical routine...

Before the Pylon Racing first round...

Before the Pylon second round (final)...

And on the second step of the podium after the Pylon Finals. Fantastic!

Alex also picked up an excellent 3rd place in the F3P-C (C Schedule Precision Aerobatics)...

For Alex's first major indoor competition, not a bad prize haul!

From all at Greenacres, well done Alex!!!

PS: We also took some video of the Aeromusical routines, here at our new YouTube Channel...



2016 / Greenacres Show Dates 2016
« on: 28/01/2016, 08:42:57 AM »

At long last, we have dates for the Greenacres Show for 2016.

The dates for diaries are...

  • GMAC May Fly In 2016: Setup - Friday 20th May 2016 - Flying Days - Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd May 2016
  • GMAC July Fly In 2016: Setup - Friday 8th July 2016 - Flying Days - Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July 2016
  • GMAC August Fly In 2016: Setup - Friday 12th August 2016 - Flying Days - Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August 2016
See here for the complete club calendar:

Here's the same dates in the context of other popular Midlands Model Shows:

The committee would like to ask as many members as possible to come down on the Fridays before the shows to make light work of the field setup.

Meet in the layby behind the field at about 9:00am on the Friday morning for a bacon butty and to start getting all the equipment moved.

Hope to see you all there...

General Discussion / Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
« on: 24/12/2015, 01:25:04 PM »

I'll post this early as I probably won't get a chance tomorrow....

Just to say "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to all Greenaces members, friends and family!

It's been a pleasure and a privilege to fly with all of you in 2015, and here's looking forward to plane filled, clear skies and great flying weather in 2016...

Many thanks, your very proud Chairman, Jim Mchugh

Club night chat / Annual General Meeting 2015
« on: 03/12/2015, 12:06:03 PM »

Well we managed to do the AGM and the Rejoining Night all in one evening last night!

Thanks to all the committee for their efforts.

A couple of announcements:

Congratulations to Abbie Wagstaff for winning the Best Newcomer award!

Congratulations to Reg Lewis for winning the Best Club Member award!

Both very worthy winners, I'm sure you'll agree...

Our thanks goes to Reg for his 7 years of sterling service as GMAC Chairman, and we look forward to seeing him at the flying field in the near future...


Plans / Wiggo!
« on: 21/11/2015, 12:07:02 PM »

Looks like the Winter 2015 build season is upon us.

First plan build on the table is Max Z's "Wiggo"

36" span, balsa and ply built-up construction. Electric running a 35-36 1000kV motor on 3S 2200mAh LiPos. 4 x 12g servos.

Colour Scheme: TBD but have contacted the designer and had a "Cheese" based scheme approved.

General Shape...

Started with the tail feathers, most balsa stripped out of 6mm sheet...

Finished and sanded tail feathers...

Moved on to the main wing. Decided to make wing ribs out of 3mm liteply. Laminated two sheets together with pattern laminated on top...

Balsa wing spar...

Dry fitting...

Starting the glue up...

More glueing. Stringers and top / bottom spar caps going on...

To be continued...

General Discussion / Greenacres Facebook page lives again...
« on: 30/10/2015, 03:16:57 PM »

We are aware that we have had issues with both the main Greenacres website, and indeed this forum over the past week. All is now well with both...

We'd also like to announce that the Greenacres Facebook page has been dusted off and received a fresh coat of epoxy (without the use of PullPly, Danny!) and spray paint.

Find the Greenacres Facebook page here:

If you have any suggestions for content, features, polls, videos or events, please PM me and I'll put them up...

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